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Transformation Is Here

The day started out as any other day. Who would have known that today would be the day for the butterflies to emerge. However, I should have known seeing as today is a 5 day. 5 means change in Angel numbers. So as I woke up and began my day not an hour had passed since I had last checked the chrysalis. Upon return tI check again, I see 2 of the most spectacular butterflies. That leaves only 3 more to go. I was really concerned about one of the chrysalis, as it looked dried out and very tiny. I prayed over it and told it that it could do it and that I was waiting for it on the other side. I celebrated the emerged butterflies by telling them that they had made it, that they had waited in the valley of the shadow of death and had come forth anew. A new beautiful being full of wonder and glory. Next thing I know, a larger butterfly came from that tiny chrysalis that I thought was not gonna make it. I shouted and cried and celebrated that butterfly. I name her Goddess Isis. I name the first two, Gabriel and Thoth. Now we are waiting for the last 2 to come forth. This has been a truly amazing journey to witness. I would highly suggest this activity as a wonderful learning activity for the entire family. There are so many lessons that can be extracted as teachable moments. Also, most of the major subject areas of learning are present in this activity l including but not limited to, reading, writing, arithmetic, science and geography. Please feel free to contact me if you like to learn more about favili this learning activity fo your child(ren).

I have included pictures and videos of the A World of Learning Butterfly Adventure.

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