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Sacred Arts Childbirth Services



S*A*C*S Birth Support

As your pregnancy and labor supporter, my mission is to BE a bridge of connection and nurturing and advocacy during labor and delivery. I work with you to make sure that your birth experience meets your vision and needs holistically.


S*A*C*S* Disclaimer 

I do not offer or provide medical care or advice. This area of medical care is provided by your chosen medical professional. 


S*A*C*S* Procedures

The initial consultation allows us to meet and discuss the issues that are important regarding your birth vision. We will also get better acquainted to make sure the match is a good fit for all involved.  We shall discuss your needs and the service package you desire based upon those need. Upon signing your contract, we'll arrange your prenatal visit(s), during which time we will review your wishes for your birth. I can help answer any questions you might have, and review various comfort measures. If you are planning to use a tool like hypnosis or guided meditation, we can practice your scripts together. You will be able to call, e-mail me, or web conference with questions at any time during your contract period.

S*A*C*S Fee Payment

Payment is accepted in the following forms: cash, check, money orders and credit cards.  A $500.00 retainer (of whatever package is chosen) is due prior to prenatal services. The balance is due at the first postpartum visit. 


Note:  Invoice provided for your insurance reimbursement (insurances may reimburse a portion of the fees paid)


Birth FloWer Package:  $750.00

  • 2 prenatal visits, 24 hour phone access, complete labor support, and 1 postpartum visit

  • 1 additional optional visit: either a third prenatal visit, an 1 hour newborn education consultation, accompanying visit with primary provider, or an additional postpartum visit


Pamper FloWer Package: $1200.00

<>··A birthing ball for your use during labor

  • Personalized Written & Displayed Birth Story


Luxury FloWer Package:  $1800.00

<>··A birthing ball for your use during labor

  • Personalized Written & Displayed Birth Story

  • 15 hours of postpartum support and assistance


Postpartum Packages:  $100 and up

  • Minimum of 2 hours of postpartum services at $50/hour

  • 15 hours or more the rate is reduced to $30/hour

Photography Services:
Maternity Session is $399

Newborn Photography Session is $299
Birth Photography Session is $599


Pregnant Photography
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